Plastic Nature

Plastic and recycling are becoming an ever more important part of our conscience. This set of images have been created to reflect these heightened consumer concerns.

Clear Colour

I’ve been shooting for Clear Insurance Management for over ten years. I shoot all their staff members so that they have a completely personal feel to their website. It matters and it works. We have always shot and converted to black and white but I processed these portraits out as colour files as I feel they work really well in colour too. I value my long standing clients enormously.

Welcoming Rain

This is a personal shot inspired by the drought from a beautiful long summer. Great for us but not so good for the crops. I introduced the ‘rain’ due to the usual non cooperation of the weather gods. That’s what makes me a commercial photographer, I love the challenge of building images and creating the shot that exists in my head before it’s committed to camera.

BHF Heart Matters Magazine

Shooting with British Heart Foundation again in the studio for their cover and inside spreads, in recognition of 70 years of the NHS. The magazine is a quarterly publication for which I shoot regularly covering their research activities and inspirational case study portraits.

TMF Leadership Team

Shooting at their board meeting we have to work quickly with TMF. We had to shoot 25 people and the only time they could give me was in their short break out periods. So they line up and the pressure’s on to get the best portrait for each person. I find with many portrait sessions that colleagues love to mock each other which really helps to relax my subjects and make it an enjoyable experience.