Croft Shoot

John Lewis asked me to get involved with their ‘Croft’ photography around a year ago. This is a small but lovely range of more rustic and traditional homely products. So the approach to the photography differs to many of the other Own Brand products that I shoot. For Croft we use a much softer, more natural approach to the lighting, making it directional almost as if it’s window light. The samples vary significantly, so the challenge is to keep the style of the shot consistent with many differing materials and surfaces to shoot. Here’s a few we have shot recently.

Shepherd Neame

Shepherd Neame brewery invited me to shoot their Poster Ad for Visit Kent this year. This is the annual campaign to encourage people to, well, visit Kent. The shot was of a unique pub in Deal, The Zetland Arms. It’s virtually built on the beautiful pebbled beach with views to the sea and the first white faces of the cliffs of Dover. The brief, to shoot a scene to include the pub, beach, sea and cliffs in a 48 and 96 sheet poster format. The pub faced directly east and opposite the sea. This dictated a near 180 degree shot in the dawn light. Being June this required a 3.00am departure to arrive before sunrise for the recce. Oh, and given thereRead More

Maxus Global

I have been shooting staff portraits at Maxus Global again. We shoot everyone in the company for their website, PR and pitching purposes. There are some fairly strict style guidelines for the photography so we have a locked-off lighting set specifically designed for them, that we revisit each time we shoot with them. Each person is photographed on a pure white infinity curved scoop. We shoot head and shoulder and full length portraits. Being surrounded by five flashlights, diffusion panels and reflectors is hardly the ideal recipe for relaxed and natural portraits but we make it fun with lots of chat to help people shine (Their personality, that is, not their skin or bald spots…. we have powder for that!). It works, whetherRead More

Clear Insurance Management

I’ve been shooting with Clear Insurance Management for 8 years. I shoot candid black and white portraits of their staff using available light for their website. Some people are very much more at ease with having their picture taken than others. I find it crucial to engage with each person as quickly as possible, as I need to make an instant assessment of how I need to work with them to get the best out of their portrait. Often I’ll only have a couple of minutes or less with each person, therefore it is crucial that I put them at ease quickly so they can look their best and enjoy the experience.

Clean sweep

Vacuum Cleaners for John Lewis. All I can say is that those plastic pipes have a mind of their own!!